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    Turboexpander-compressor ADKG-10For low and medium flow rates

    • Content is under developmentUp to 5 MM m³/h
    • Content is under developmentUp to -170°С
    • Content is under developmentUp to 13.5 MPa
    • Content is under developmentMagnetic suspension
    Content is under development
    Basic information

    The benchmark solution in its segment with proven performance and reliability for low and medium flow rates. It is the quintessence of our years of experience.

    It is an essential element of technological designs and can be used to cool natural gas in low temperature separation cycles, fractional condensation separation, cyclo-ORC, dehydrogenation, liquefaction and other gas-bearing chemical processes.

    It can be installed indoors at room temperatures of +5 .. +45 oC (UHL4 as per GOST 15150-69) and is designed as a monoblock with a horizontal shell connector. A single-stage centrifugal compressor and an axial turbine, usually single-stage with an inlet guide nozzle, are installed on the rotor of the replaceable flow part.

    Technical specifications
    Frame size
    Shell connector Horizontal
    Bearings Active magnetic
    Gas flow, MMm3 / d 3...12
    Inlet pressure, MPa 6...13.5
    Temperature, °C -5…-170
    Rotation frequency, rpm 12000…17000
    Power on the shaft, kW 700…7300
    Compression level 1.46 max
    Adiabatic efficiency, % 80 min
    Polytropic efficiency, % 82 min
    Expansion level 2.3 max
    Adiabatic efficiency, % 80 min
    Nozzle adjustment range, % 8-20
    Weight and size parameters
    Equipment Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Weight, kg
    Packing options
    • Content is under development


      The basic modification is a monoblock in a mounting frame with tubing, measurement and control instrumentation, and skid accessories
    • Content is under development

      ADKG-10 with valve skid

      The integrated solution – a basic unit with a skid of shut-off and control valves in a mounting frame: start-up, protection and bypass without stopping the main production line.
    • Content is under development

      Turboexpander in modular shelter

      A comprehensive solution —a basic valve skid unit in an easily assembled modular shelter with engineering systems and small scale mechanization facilities.
    Completed projects based on ADKG-10
    Units in operation: 102
    Project Customer Quantity Year
    GP 16 SOG Pestsovaya area of the Urengoy Oil and Gas Condensate Field (OGCF)LLC “Gazprom dobycha Urengoy”102008
    Integrated Gas/condensate Processing Plant (IGPP) of Yurkharovsky OGCFLLC “NOVATEK-YURKHAROVNEFTEGAZ”92008
    IGPP 1B, 2B Zapolyarnoye OGCFLLC “Gazprom dobycha Yamburg”72009
    IGPP Nakhodkinskoye OGCFLLC ”Lukoil Zapadnaya Sibir”42010
    SOG KS 42 YarynskayaLLC “Gazprom transgaz Ukhta”112011
    IGPP Bovanenkovskoye OGCFLLC “Gazprom dobycha Nadym”402012
    IGPP Kharvutinskoy ploshchadi Yamburgskovo OGCFLLC “Gazprom dobycha Yamburg”82012
    SOG KS 42 YarynskayaООО “Gazprom transgaz Ukhta”222014
    IGPP Achimovskoye OGCFPJSC "NOVATEK", JSC "Arktikgaz”42015
    IGPP Samburgskoye OGCFPJSC "NOVATEK", JSC "Arktikgaz”72016
    IGPP Yaro-Yakhinsky OGCFPJSC "NOVATEK", JSC "Arktikgaz”22016
    UNTS at the Arslan IGPP«ENTER Engineering Pte. Ltd. »22019