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    The strategic alliance by JSC “Turbokholod” and JSC “ZiD” is a mutual capacity building, synergy of skills, knowledge and experience to enter new areas of activity and strengthen the strategic positions of existing businesses.

    JSC “Turbokholod” and JSC “V. A. Degtyarev Factory”, being part of the same group — the “Mercury” Group of Companies — together form its engineering cluster. Our strategic partnership has a history of more than 15 years, and the joint consolidated production in Kovrov, Vladimir region, is a logical and consistent step for our companies.

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    Powerful potential
    Thanks to our partnership, we are improving our production capacity: ZiD's extensive modern machine tool fleet and its highly qualified personnel, combined with the flexibility of production, provide a reliable production foundation for “Turbokholod” to meet the most complex challenges of the gas chemical industry in an era of dynamically changing needs.
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    Strategic partnership
    The synergy of the two oldest engineering schools under the auspices of the “Turbokholod” Competence Center allows us to proclaim our global goal-leading positions in Russia and the world in the market of turbo-cooling engineering. We are also actively building strategic relationships with research centers of the country's leading universities.
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    Important link in the industry
    Having implemented many successful strategic projects separately over its long history, the “Turbokholod” – “ZiD” alliance is now an important link in the machine-building industry, providing the country with equipment that meets the highest requirements and level of world technological achievements, opening up new export opportunities for the Mercury machine-building industry assets.