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    About the company

    “Turbokholod” machine-building company has been successfully operating in Russia for more than 55 years and is the world leader in the design and manufacture of axial turboexpander units
    Key values
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    Integrity and professionalism -
    the basis of our principles is our constant. JSC "Turbokholod" scrupulously fulfills its contractual obligations and implements projects, providing all its engineering and service skills to customers for whom performance efficiency and reliability are crucial. We are proud of our reputation, which we have built over many decades.
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    Reliability and security
    our absolute and unconditional priorities throughout the life cycle of our services. JSC “Turbokholod” is a Russian company with maximum localization, which means the absence of geopolitical risks and while providing guaranteed support throughout the entire life cycle of the equipment. We do our best to be a reliable support for the business development of our customers.
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    Responsibility and self-improvement
    our philosophy is based on relationships within and outside the company. We fulfill our obligations, make decisions and are responsible for their results, regardless of the circumstances and market conditions. At the same time, “Turbokholod” JSC is a dynamically developing company: we are constantly improving, analyzing problems and challenges, predicting changes and promptly responding to them.
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    "For more than half a century, the most demanding customers have trusted us to develop and create turbo-cooling and compressor equipment. Our patented technologies, commitment and innovative thinking enable us to maintain a leading position in the market. And, of course, we adhere to global standards in the field of Turbomachinery, ensuring the reliability of units and timely delivery, regardless of the geography of the project. But our references speak best for us – this is the "mirror" of the Company."
    Igor A. Babichenko
    General Manager of JSC "Turbokholod”