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    JSC “Turbokholod” in partnership with OOO “Neftegazinzhiniring” will become a member of the new project of “RusGazAlliance”

    February 1 2020
    JSC "Turbokholod" will provide the installation of the complete gas treatment technological "heart" – turboexpander units. The final Customer, “RusGazAlliance” LLC, will use the equipment to develop the ground-based technological infrastructure of the Semakovsky gas field in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district.
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    JSC “Turbokholod” won the tender for the delivery of two turboexpander units (TDA) intended for the development of the Semakovskoye gas field for “Neftegazinzhiniring” LLC. The field comes under the transit category: its marine production complex will be located in the Tazovskaya Bay of the Kara sea. Some of the wells for the development of the offshore section are supposed to be drilled from the land, while the development of deeper deposits will be possible only with the help of an ice-resistant offshore platform.


    The raw materials of the Semakovsky field will be delivered to the UKPG located on land in the coastal zone of the Tazovskaya Bay. Then the gas will be sent via a pipeline of about 73 km to the Parusovoye field, and then via the next pipeline of about 76 km to the Yamburgskaya compressor station of the Gazprom mainline network.


    The project partners will be companies with undisputed expertise in the field of gas production and related services. Preference will be given to Russian organizations of various profiles: designers, equipment manufacturers, contractors for construction, installation and commissioning.


    Thus, the basis of the technological cycle will be provided by the domestic manufacturer of turbo-expander units – JSC “Turbocholod”. TDA produced by the company will be used in the above-mentioned low-temperature separation process as cooling components of the process cycle. Russian turbo-expander equipment will reduce the temperature of raw materials to -20 degrees. Under these conditions, the hydrocarbon condensate and water are separated from the crude gas. In addition, it will be possible to more effectively use the energy of gas expansion in the expander part to compress the gas in the compressor part of the TDA.


    Turboexpander units of JSC “Turbokholod” are unique in its kind. They are reliable and loyal to the pumped medium quality in context to the content of the vapor-liquid phase. This can be achieved using an axial turbine – a unique technological solution developed by the company’s experts and has no analogues in the world.


    Turboexpanders operate round the clock in automatic mode with short-term stops for routine maintenance. It does not require constant staff presence, which eliminates errors related to the human factor.


    In addition to the supply of TDA with a full set of design and engineering documentation, the experts of JSC “Turbokholod” will perform installation supervision and commissioning work on site and train field personnel of “RusGazAlliance” LLC on the basic principles of working with the systems.



    The enduser of the production complex at the field is “RusGazAlliance” LLC — a joint venture by JSC “Gazprom” and JSC “RusGazDobycha”, created on a parity basis to develop the Parusovoye, Severo-Parusovoye and Semenovsky fields in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District of the Russian Federation.


    By 2023, the infrastructure for gas production, treatment and transportation created at the Semakovsky field “from scratch” will allow production and delivery of 7.5 billion m³ of natural gas per year to compressor stations in Yamburg and Novy Urengoy. The field’s proven reserves amount to more than 350 billion cubic meters.


    The commissioning of the Semakovsky, Severo-Parusovoye and Parusovoye fields will allow Gazprom to partially compensate for the decline in gas production at the mature fields of the Nadym-Pur-Taz group. In addition, proximity to the Company’s gas transportation system will significantly reduce the costs associated with its production and increase the return on investment.